Review: Pura Triple Housing Whole House System with Sediment Filtration

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Sometimes sediment issues are your primary concern. Then there are the times that there may be chemicals and contaminants in your water supply that give your water a poor taste and a foul odor. The Pura Triple Housing Whole House System with Sediment Filtration takes home-based purification to a new level. This system is also rated to kill 99.99% of the bacteria or viruses that are found in water supplies which do not receive municipal disinfection.

This is accomplished because of the inclusion of a UV20-3 filter, which stops micro-organisms from coming all the way to the tap. For homes that have a cyst-based threat, such as with giardia or cryptosporidium, an upgraded carbon block can give you 0.5-micron filtration. The standard model comes with a 10-micron carbon block, however, for homes that may not need that level of protection.

Features of the Pura Whole House System

  • This product comes as a complete kit. You just need to plumb it in and connect it to a standard 120v household outlet. It does come with a standard 3/4-inch pipe fitting, so homes with a 1-inch connection may need to take an additional installation step.
  • It is rated to provide a maximum flow rate of 8 gallons per minute. There is a noticeable drop in filtration quality at the maximum rate. The best filtration action happens in the 3-5 gallons per minute range.
  • Sediment removal with the pre-filter installed with this system gives homeowners a 5-micron filter for removal before the water hits the carbon filter.
  • The carbon-stage is rated to remove VOCs, pesticides, herbicides, PCE, and benzene, in addition to standard municipal disinfectants.
  • The patented UV stage gives you a sanitization option with your water supply that most other whole house systems are unable to provide.

If you are on a municipal water supply, the features of this whole house system by Pura might be a little overkill. It will give you the option to remove any lingering chlorine odor from the water and can protect you from the occasional cyst that might slip through, but most municipal systems will eliminate organic threats and most contaminants with their processing procedures. This is a system designed more for homeowners on a well.

It is also rated to remove coliform or eColi concerns that may be in some water supplies when using the upgraded carbon block. The upgraded block is available for less than $50 and can be found here: Click here to compare the price on Amazon and buy now.

Our Grade: 9.5/10

How difficult would it be to just throw in the upgraded carbon block filter automatically with this system? Homeowners who are looking for simple, pure water would love to have this upgrade with their system. It’s one of the few filter options in our industry today for a whole-house system that screens smaller than 1 micron. We knocked off a half-point for the inconvenience of the extra order. Otherwise, the Pura Triple Housing Whole House System with Sediment Filtration does an excellent job and comes with our highest recommendation.

Click here to compare the price on Amazon and buy now.

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