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There are plenty of whole house filtration systems that can provide you with 5-micron filtration on the market today. The only problem is that many of those systems aren’t budget-friendly, priced in the $500+ range. Yet the KleenWater Premier Whole House Filtration System is frequently priced below $200 and promotes many of the same benefits that systems which cost double or triple this one can provide.

Are the claims offered by KleenWater just a way to market a cheaper product? Or could it give you better water with its design while saving you cash?

Features of the KleenWater Premier System

  • It features a 1-inch FNPT threated inlet/outlet filter which is constructed with a reinforced polypropylene.
  • The system comes equipped with a mounting bracket, necessary hardware, pressure gauges, and a filter wrench.
  • The housing of the unit is transparent, which is somewhat unique for filtration systems, and is made from polyethylene.
  • The pressure gauges are lead-free and accurately let homeowners see pressure differentials within the system.
  • It offers three 4.5×20-inch filter cartridges that work with internal plumbing systems, a standard design for whole house filtration.
  • The maximum flow rate for this filtration system is 40 gallons per minute, with a pressure range of 20-120 PSI that can be handled.

KleenWater states that the price of this system is kept down because of proprietary injection molding techniques, saving the manufacturing process up to 60% of the energy that similar systems are required to use. What we do know is that it seems to work just as well as any other system that we were given the privilege to look at.

Our Observations of the KleenWater Premier System

Installation of this system is relatively simple. We did find that the housing does like to leak at the input and output, so make sure the threads are given a decent dose of paste and tape to create a solid connection. The flow gauges also tend to gather condensation around them and this causes the occasional drip, but nothing that’s too serious.

The transparent housing is nice for the fact that it lets you see the larger contaminants that get filtered out of your water.

The flow rate with this system had a bit of a drop compared to some of the other systems, but nothing that was disturbing in some way. A 60 PSI system dropped to about 50 PSI once the product was installed. During the end of filter life, however, the system may drop to 15 PSI while you’ve still got 10,000 gallons of life with the filter.

Our Grade: 10/10

There are some minor quirks with this design, but the KleenWater Premier Whole House Filtration System really does get the job done for a fraction of the price that other systems charge. It handles a wide variety of plumbing systems, flow rates, and water pressures with relative ease. It doesn’t handle the smallest particulate contaminants in the 1-4 micron range, but isn’t designed for that purpose either. If you’re on a tight budget, but need better water, this is a must-have item.

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