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When you demand the best possible drinking water for your home, then only a reverse osmosis system will do. The only problem with many RO systems is that they have a very limited capacity. That isn’t the case with the iSpring RCS5T Commercial Grade Tankless Reverse Osmosis System. It has the capability of producing up to 500 gallons per day of filtered water for consumption under ideal conditions.

This means the tankless system products about 0.34 gallons per minute when installed properly.

Features of the iSpring RCS5T Reverse Osmosis System

  • It offers a patented side-flow membrane which provides a consistent output flow. This gives the equipment the ability to achieve a 1:1 drain ratio.
  • It offers 5 stages of filtration, which allows it to remove over 99% of more than 1,000 different potential pollutants that may be in a home water supply. This RO system is even rated to reduce or remove PFOA, PFOS, and THMs.
  • There is a 1-year money-back guarantee that is provided with this unit.
  • It can be equipped with a storage tank and delivery pump if desired, giving homes the ability to have between 200-500 gallons of stored water available at any given moment.
  • It is a tankless system, but does come with a 3.2-gallon pressurized tank with a 2.5-gallon holding capacity.
  • The feed water adapter fits ½-inch NPT and 3/8-inch COMP fittings.

The primary feature we appreciated with this reverse osmosis system was the booster pump which is included in the design. This high-powered pump increases water pressure levels that go through the side-flow membrane, allowing for the possibility of producing higher levels of filtered water than systems from other manufacturers at a similar pricing point.

What We Thought of the iSpring RCS5T Reverse Osmosis System

We appreciated the fact that this system can operate on water pressure systems as low as 25 PSI. This makes it a useful addition to virtually any home. The power levels are somewhat high because of the commercial-grade production value, but you’ll also receive enough purified water to use for large families.

The amount of space this unit takes up is very minimal. It is small enough that it could fit underneath the average kitchen sink. Hook it up to your main supply and you’ll have whole-home benefits. It is strong enough to handle the water demands of standard household appliances, especially when equipped with an optional storage tank.

Because of the size of this system, there is a wait time at the faucet which takes place if operated as a tankless system. We found that it takes about 10-15 seconds to receive water on-demand. For those who don’t want that wait time, a reserve tank on the system will be necessary.

Our Grade: 9.5/10

The only real issue with this system is the amount of pressure that is maintained throughout a home’s system when operated in a tankless way. The iSpring RCS5T Commercial Grade Tankless Reverse Osmosis System does do an excellent job of purifying water and automatically flushes the membrane so you don’t need to manually flush it. The system may be an investment for some, especially is a storage tank is desired to boost system pressure, but it’s one that is worth making in our view.

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