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Sometimes having membrane filtration isn’t good enough. Some homes face a water source that is potentially rich in bacterial or viral contaminants. The iSpring RCC1UP 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System has a solution for this issue. Not only does it come with a booster pump, but owners will also receive a UV light sterilizer. This means virtually all contaminants can be effectively removed from virtually any water source with this one simple system.

It is a virtually silent reverse osmosis system that will reduce chlorine and fluoride concentrations that are present. The membrane filters work to .0001 microns, creating a virtually clean water source. For its price, the number of benefits that come with this system is a rarity in our industry today.

Features of the iSpring RCC1UP

  • The RO membrane for this system is rated to produce up to 100 gallons per day.
  • It is an 11W UV sterilizer that is included with this system.
  • The design of this unit is designed for an undersink installation, even with the included booster pump and UV light sterilizer. Is 19×14.5×8 inches in size, with the tank 16×11 inches.
  • More than 1,000 different pollutants or contaminants can be reduced or removed from a water supply when this unit is installed properly.
  • It’s backed by a 1-year limited warranty, a 1-year money back guaranteed, and lifetime technical support.
  • The lines from this unit can be connected to a faucet, refrigerator output, coffee maker, or icemaker.

This unit tends to produce less wastewater per gallon of fresh water compared to other RO systems thanks to the booster pump. Under optimized conditions, we could get the wastewater-to-freshwater ratio below 2:1, or 2 gallons of wastewater to 1 gallon of freshwater. It’s not a whole house system, but you could install it between a well and holding tank if you wished – though this would decrease flow rates dramatically.

Our Thoughts About the iSpring RCC1UP

The UV addition to this system is going to be overkill for homes that have a municipal system. Municipalities apply disinfectants to the water source that kill a majority of bacteria and viruses. Some even have UV light systems that are used. Adding this secondary option can give homeowners peace of mind, but could be an added expense.

We found the system to be very easy to setup. The water volume that this unit produces is very good. It can fill up a glass of water straight out of the box once it has been installed.

The final water pressure can be a little less than some homeowners might expect, especially if comparing this system to an older RO system. It handles a glass of water well, but can struggle at times to fill up a water bottle here and there under heavy use conditions.

Our Grade: 10/10

The iSpring RCC1UP 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System is a comprehensive water improvement system that rural homeowners can take advantage of today for a fair and competitive price. The stages of filtration are effective, the system is easy to maintain, and your water is going to taste like water. That’s why it earns one of our top recommendations.

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