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The issue with many reverse osmosis systems is the amount of water that can produced every day… or lack of it. Many residential systems can produce around 50 gallons per day. The iSpring RCB3P Commercial Grade Reverse Osmosis System has the capability of producing up to 300 gallons per day. This is because of its triple membrane design, giving you the equivalent of 3 undersink 100 RO membranes.

Installation of this RO system is incredibly easy. It comes in its own free-standing frame, allowing you to place it virtually anywhere to improve your water supply. It also comes with a booster pump and oversized filters so that your water flow doesn’t suffer a devastating drop in PSI.

Features of the iSpring RCB3P RO System

  • 3/8-inch fittings are used with this RO system.
  • It is compatible with most pressurized storage tanks, but does not come with a tank included. If using this system as a tankless model, expect a 15-20 second delay for on-demand water at the faucet.
  • The filters on this unit are oversized at 20 inches, providing access to up to 30,000 gallons of water before needing a replacement.
  • The built-in pressure gauge allows owners to quickly see if the filters are performing as they should so that replacements can be made before a pressure drop occurs.

Homes or businesses with high water pressures are going to need a reducing valve to use this unit properly. The maximum rating for the system is 85 PSI. Running the system at higher levels is still possible, but it can also put pressure on the system that can cause it to prematurely fail.

Our Thoughts About the iSpring RCB3P RO System

This reverse osmosis system does an excellent job at purifying water, but it does have its limits. If your home or businesses is connected to a relatively poor water source, the system will experience a heavy amount of wear around the motor seals. This causes them to fail prematurely, sometimes as soon as 60-90 days.

These failures can also occur when water pressure levels in the system are at high levels.

The standard filters on this unit need to be changed about once per year. Extending their lifespan can also put added pressure on the motor seals.

It is designed to work with high gallon capacity tanks, but that may not be affordable for homeowners who want a good on-demand system. Any tank that is above 6 gallons in size should work for household demands with this system.

Our Grade: 9.5/10

This system does an excellent job at providing consistent results with minimal delays. It can be run as a free-standing tankless system, but the iSpring RCB3P Commercial Grade Reverse Osmosis System has its real strength when there is some level of storage capability associated with it. Easy to install and maintain, only the cost of maintaining the oversized filters caused us to knock the grade down slightly for this product. It earns one of our strongest recommendations.

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