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Some reverse osmosis systems involve a complicated installation and expensive maintenance procedures. Others offer simplicity, but with minimal purified water outputs. The Global Water Reverse Osmosis System isn’t going to compete with a system that produces hundreds of gallons per day, but it does an excellent job as a single-faucet unit to provide drinking water.

This unit is designed to provide an undersink installation with a 5-stage filtration process. Homeowners will also receive an additional set of replacement filters in the box so that up to 2 years of purified water can be obtained. In return, more than 1,000 contaminants can be reduced or eliminated with this lead-free faucet and steel tank combination.

Features of the Global Water RO System

  • This system is rated to remove up to 99% of certain contaminants from a water supply. This model does especially well at removing chlorine odors and flavors that come from a municipal supply. Fluoride, arsenic, and bacteria are also screened out.
  • The filters with this RO system are NSF-rated and WQA-certified in their processes, providing a solution that is guaranteed to improve water quality compared to the input source.
  • Sediment removal is provided down to 5 microns in two of the filtration stages.
  • It comes equipped to work with a ½-inch cold water supply. If you have a 3/8-inch supply, an adapter will be necessary. The instructions actually call for a valve replacement to install the RO system.

When it comes to the filtration process, this RO system does an excellent job. When it comes to accepting water from your local supply, however, there can be some challenges for homeowners. We found it necessary to fully seal each joint and fitting to prevent it from leaking. This doubled the recommended 1-hour installation time.

Our Thoughts About the Global Water RO System

This wasn’t the easiest product to install. The instructions were not as thorough as other manufacturers provide. One issue that we noticed during the installation is the requirement to use two push-fit elbows. Unless they are properly seated, this is going to leak on you. If you rotate them just a bit, most leaks can be reduced or eliminated. Be careful with the twisting motion.

There is the added benefit with this system that it doesn’t require a source of power to operate. It runs on water pressure alone. If your system can meet the minimum PSI demands, you’ll be able to have fresh water, even in emergency situations.

Our Grade: 7.5/10

The instructions for the Global Water Reverse Osmosis System are not as user-friendly as they could be, but they’ll help you to get the job done. It requires patience during the installation to avoid leaks. If your water lines are compatible with the system, then the rest of the process goes smoothly and the RO systems works wonderfully well. If you have a setup that is different than what this kit recommends, then there can be some challenges. It is a system we recommend, but with an asterisk because of those challenges that some homeowners may face.

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