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Some water filtration systems try to be an all-around product, removing everything possible from a home’s water supply. Other systems attempt to be the best at removing a specific series of potential contaminants from that water supply. The Filox 10 Iron/Sulfur/Manganese Filter 2510SXT is more of the latter than the former. It can remove high levels of sulfur and iron from your water supply without using air injection or chemical treatment methods.

It also has a design improvement over other whole-home filtration systems. It can treat and clean all the water needed for the home in just one tank.

Features of the Filox 2510SXT

  • This water system can remove up to 15 ppm of iron from a home’s water supply. It is also rated to remove 7 parts per million of hydrogen sulfide and 3 ppm manganese.
  • It can reduce sediment levels in the water supply within the treatment tank in addition to its stated abilities.
  • The tank used with the 2510SXT offers 1.0 cubic feet of high-density iron and sulfur-removing Filox media in a 9-inch by 48-inch Structural USA tank.
  • There is a digital valve included on this filtration system that makes it easier to control overall filtration levels.
  • A stainless-steel bypass valve is used on this model, available in ¾-inch and 1-inch sizes.
  • This filtration system also backwashes automatically.

Because this water filter does work to remove ferrous and ferric iron from a home’s water supply, frequent pH testing is highly recommended to get the most out of what this system can do. We found that this system tends to operate best when pH levels hover right around 7.0. It needs a minimum pH of 6.3 to operate for iron removal.

Our Observations of the Filox 2510SXT

Although this filtration system can remove some of the elements of hard water from a home’s supply, it does not act as a water softener. For homes that have hard water and these contaminants, we’d recommend purchasing a water softener that operates after the filtration process for best results.

Filter replacement is reduced with this model because of its backwashing technique. The filter media do need to be replace eventually, but this design does help to minimize homeowner costs over the life of the unit. Many homes can go over 5 years without needing to replace Filox media.

You could even install this filter outdoors if you prefer, though it would need to have some level of insulation provided for the tank. The overall installation process is rather simple and should only take about an hour or so for those who are familiar with plumbing and have the tools to get the job done.

Our Grade: 9.5/10

No filtration system can remove 100% of the contaminants a water supply may have. The Filox 10 Iron/Sulfur/Manganese Filter 2510SXT comes about as close as you can get for iron and manganese for many homeowners. Once installed, you’ll notice reduced staining, a better water quality, and an elimination of water odors almost immediately.

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