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If your water supply is very poor, then you only have a few options available to you. Water could be delivered, a new well could be created, or you could install a professional-grade water improvement system. The Express Water 10-Stage Home Drinking Filtration System will give you enough water every day for your basic needs with up to 100 gallons per day of production.

This system offers a clear housing for its filters, provides a pressure gauge for routine monitoring, and the entire assembly is free of BPA. In return, you’ll receive drinking water that is up to 99% free of many common contaminants.

Features of the Express Water Reverse Osmosis System

  • Part of the filtration process for this RO system includes a natural alkaline remineralization of the water. This helps it to restore water pH and improve activated oxygen levels while restoring needed electrolytes that are removed by the membrane.
  • The system is 100% lead-free in all the parts that are included in addition to being BPA-free.
  • Acidic wastes are also removed by this 10-stage system. If water is a source of stomach upset or other forms of gastrointestinal distress, this RO system will help to reduce or eliminate them.
  • It can handle hot-water inlet temperatures for those that prefer that form of water purification.

Although the price of this unit is higher than competitive models, the speed of water use and the overall purification levels must be considered. Most entry-level RO systems will only produce 50 gallons per day and this model’s capacity is twice that. You’ll also be receiving remineralization with your water, avoiding many of the common issues that are associated with the installation of a home-based RO system.

Our Thoughts About the Express Water Reverse Osmosis System

We really liked the idea of an alkaline canister being included with an RO system. It requires frequent use to be a beneficial part of the system, however, because the water tends to sit and absorb the mineral content that is meant for distribution. You’ll want to dump the first glass of water at the start of the day to avoid a high mineral content surprise.

It is a system that seems to work better with poor water inputs than average-to-good sources. Dramatic reductions are seen with poor TDS readings, but homes with a water supply that is sub-100 will see very little in benefits.

The design is also nice because the automatic valve shuts off when the storage tank is full, preventing excessive water loss from the purification process.

Our Grade: 9/10

The Express Water 10-Stage Home Drinking Filtration System is an excellent system that is worth the investment. It may work better for poor water conditions, but that is what it was intended to do. The entire system was easy to setup and even easier to use, with the end result being an excellent glass of water. Be aware of the alkaline container and we think you’ll have a beneficial experience with this system.

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