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Capacity is the #1 issue that most homeowners face when it comes to filtration systems for the home. Many filters are based on the same design principles, so it is the equipment that can hold the largest filters that can do the most work. With the Crystal Quest Whole House Triple Water Filter System, you’re receiving a total lifespan capacity that is 60% greater than most other whole-home systems that are in its price range today.

This Crystal Quest system has a lifespan of 160,000 gallons before requiring a filter change. Instead of 3 filters, you’ll have a dual system to manage that can save you space. In return, you’ll still be able to remove or reduce dozens of potential contaminants that are in your water.

Features of the Crystal Quest Filtration System

  • Buyers can request a 1-inch NPT inlet/outlet or a ¾-inch inlet/outlet. The standard size that is shipped with the unit is the 1-inch, so a special request must be submitted for the smaller size.
  • Even with the published dimensions, this system seems a little bigger than others of a similar quality and size. Make sure you double-check your spacing before completing a purchase.
  • You’ll need to check your water pressure with this system. It is rated to be most effective when operating at 60 PSI or less. If your water pressure is higher, then a reducing valve will need to be installed.
  • Although this product does not contain a UV sterilizer, relying on copper and zinc for organic neutralization, it does have the capability to work with a separate sterilization product on the line.

There is a noticeable drop in your water pressure when using this Crystal Quest system. It is a product that is a bit of a trade-off. You’ll get cleaner water, which some homes may need, but lower flow rates in return.

Our Observations of the Crystal Quest Filtration System

Even though this is a dual-design system, Crystal Quest has provided 8 stages of filtration for the water to endure. This is done without dramatically reducing your home’s water pressure, which is a definite bonus. Filtration goes down to 1 micron.

One of the best additions to the filtration process with this system is the inclusion of ceramic balls within the filter medium. This allows the system to remove bacteria and sediment from the water supply with regular efficiency.

There are also two stages that have been dedicated to filtering through copper and zinc alloys. This allows any remaining impurities that are dissolved in the water to become more physiologically inert. These compounds can then be removed in the later stages of the filtration process.

Our Grade: 9/10

The only real negative we noticed with the Crystal Quest Whole House Triple Water Filter System is that it changes the flavor of the water after installation for a couple of days. Once you get beyond that issue, we found this product to be as stated and effective at what it can do.

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