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For many homeowners, a commercial-grade RO system is just too much product for what their needs happen to be. For others, the 30-50 gallons of processing capacity that come with undersink models doesn’t provide enough support. That’s why a product like the APEC Top Tier Certified Reverse Osmosis System is a good compromise between the two extremes. It’s a 5-stage RO system that has received the WQA Gold Seal for its ability to remove up 99% of contaminants in a water supply.

More than 1,000 different contaminants can be removed with this certified system, including potentially dangerous ones. Lead, arsenic, bacteria, and heavy metals can all be reduced or eliminated with the installation of this system.

Features of the APEC RO System

  • JG Quick Connect fittings are equipped to this reverse osmosis system, making it possible to install the system without extra lock clips or additional steps so that leaks can be prevented. Installation is incredibly easy.
  • The system comes with a chrome-faucet that is lead-free, along with JG food-grade tubing so that the purified water doesn’t pick up any contaminants from tank to delivery. The tubing is both NSF and FDA certified.
  • The filters are also NSF-certified and have an upgraded capacity that let them last twice as long as the standard filters in other RO systems.
  • Carbon block filtration is included as part of the filtration process, which helps to remove any taste issues that may come up from tank residuals that can appear with prolonged storage.

The rating system provides up to 99% removal rates, but some items do have lower certified rates than others with this RO system. Of specificnotehere is fluoride. The rating range for the membrane, which is manufactured by Dow Filmtec, is between 90-97%. The Water Quality Association as tested the entire system and certified a fluoride rate of 97.7%.

What We Thought of the APEC RO System

APEC classifies their systems based on the flow rates they can achieve. This system offers up to 90 gallons per day of purified water support. If you plan to connect your RO system to an ice maker, then you’ll need the 90 GPD to get the flow you need.

This is a faucet-specific system more than a whole-home system. To improve results, we’d highly recommend an upgrade to the permeate pump. This will cut down wastewater and improve your flow rate. For homes with low PSI levels, this is an absolute must with this model.

Installation is super simple. With some basic plumbing knowledge, it should take an hour or less. The instructions included with the system are comprehensive. Replacement filters are easy to install and take just a few minutes.

Our Grade: 10/10

When the APEC Top Tier Certified Reverse Osmosis System is properly installed and used correctly, it performs well and does what it says it will do. It will immediately reduce contaminant levels that are difficult for other products to touch, including radon. It does seem to work better for homes that have a higher PSI, but as long as you have 40 PSI available, it will get the job done. We highly recommend this system.

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