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For the average homeowner, there isn’t a need to store hundreds of gallons of purified water at a time. Many wells and municipal water sources provide decent water, but have a supply that has bothersome tastes or odors that ruin the experience. With the APEC Top Tier 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filter System, you’ll receive an undersink RO system that can provide every homeowner with the potential of long-lasting results.

What makes this reverse osmosis system so attractive is its ease of installation. The tank is included with the system and measures 11x11x15 inches, which allows it to be installed under most kitchen sinks. In return, you’ll be able to access an unlimited supply of cleaner water that has reduced contaminants.

Features of the APEC 5-Stage RO System

  • It has the capability of removing more than 1,000 different contaminants from a water source with an efficiency of up to 99%.
  • The system has been certified by the Water Quality Association and comes with a 1-year satisfaction guarantee.
  • Quick-Connect fittings are used with this system, making it easier to install and prevent leaks from occurring while using the system.
  • A chrome faucet is included with this system, which may require a separate installation point to be installed on a countertop or sink.
  • The tubing used with this system is rated as being food-grade and is backed by NSF and FDA certification.

This is a system that is rated to provide up to 50 gallons of fresh water from any home-based input source. It produces clean water at a ratio of 1:4 unless equipped with a high-efficiency pump. At full use, a homeowner would be using 250 gallons of water per day: 50 gallons for drinking and 200 gallons of wastewater.

Our Thoughts About the APEC 5-Stage RO System

There are a lot of good things happening with this RO system. The .0001 reverse osmosis membrane and 3 carbon filters do an excellent job of removing virtually any impurity from the water supply. It is even rated to remove high levels of pharmaceuticals from an incoming supply, as well as hormones and similar contaminants.

Some systems use transparent filter housings, but not APEC. This would reduce the overall strength of the unit, especially when exposed to a cold-water line.

The filter sets are reasonably affordable with this unit as well, with double sets often retailing for around $50.

We found that the hardest part of the installation process was connecting the water lines. It only took about a half-hour to get the entire job with the ¼-inch tubing. If you need to install the drain valve, make sure you have your drilled hole line up with your clamp hole.

Our Grade: 9.5/10

The APEC Top Tier 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filter System does an excellent job of providing cleaner water on demand. There is an immediate reduction in contamination levels and installation for most homes is going to be super simple. We were impressed by the overall quality of this system and think you will be too.

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