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Some homes are forced to deal with high levels of sediment in their water. Then there are the homes that need to deal with sulfides, chlorine, and similar contaminants. With the Abundant Flow Water 3-Stage filtration system, the claim is that one system can handle all these issues for you and your family instead of needing multiple systems.

Could this really be true?

The Features of the Abundant Flow Water Filtration System

  • The filters on this unit are rated to remove sediment products, such as sand and particulates, to a level of just 1 micron.
  • The filter size is 20 inches by 4.5 inches, allowing for a high level of water filtration without sacrificing much in the way of internal PSI.
  • Radial-flow carbon is used for each filter, which allows for chemicals and odors to be removed from the water supply.
  • Homeowners can achieve a maximum 16 gallons per minute when using this system, though this does reduce the amount of filtration that occurs at the maximum rate.

One note about the installation process: you won’t receive any silicone lubricant when purchasing this filtration system, but it is called for in the instructions and is a mandatory component of a proper installation. Make sure that you pick up some at a local store or include it with your online order so you can get to work right away.

Otherwise, this was a basic plumbing installation and should take an experienced DIY homeowner an hour or two to complete.

Our Observations of the Abundant Flow Water Filtration System

We appreciated the three-stage design of the filtration process for this system. You receive a first stage 25/5-micron polypropylene sediment filter for an initial water cleansing. The second stage is a GAC/KDF-85 filter, removing or reducing heavy metals, iron, and sulfur to a level of up to 1 micron. Then the third-stage filter is a radial flow carbon filter that processes the water at 25 microns.

Filter life for this model looks to be on the short side of the 6- to 12-month estimate. Homes that use a minimal amount of water may be able to get up to 1 year of life out of this system. At the 5-8 gallons per minute rate, however, we’d estimate about 8 months at most.

This filtration system includes 1-inch NPT inlet/outlet filter housings with pressure relieve valves. You’ll also receive the mounting bracket and its lag bolts and a filter housing wrench straight out of the box.

Our Grade: 7.5/10

The Abundant Flow Water 3-Stage Filtration System does a comparably good job to any other filtration system that is on the market today. Its one real strength is in the removal of strong odors that might be in a home’s water supply. The pricing of this unit is slightly higher than that of other manufacturers who produce a similar product, which is why we’ve given it a slightly lower grade. We found this system to be simple, effective, and able to produce consistently clean water.

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