How to Identify Water That Needs to Be Improved by a Whole House Water Filter

We all take our tap water for granted at some level. Even if the water doesn’t always look great or taste great, it is a convenience that has only been around for a few generations. Throughout most of human history, personal water access has never been this convenient.

In fact, the only time many households even think about the quality of their tap water is when something changes with the experience. That is why knowing how to identity water that needs to be improved by a whole house water filter is an essential skill to have.

Here are some of the issues you may be facing.

#1. You Have a Water Main Problem

Does your water look a different color when it is a different temperature? Does it suddenly change to an off-color? Does that discoloration continue for several minutes? These issues are usually related to a municipality issue and can be repaired on their end. A water filter can improve the quality of water received while that work is being done.

#2. You Have a Home Plumbing Problem

Does your water taste like metal? Do you have low water PSI? Is the color of your water very unusual, like being blue, yellow, or pink? Then this is usually an interior plumbing issue. You will want to contact a plumber that is licensed, insured, and bonded to check your structures for a blockage, corrosion, or an interior impurity.

In this instance, water filtration can reduce, but not eliminate, the quality concerns of the water.

#3. You Have a Well Water Issue

Does your water have a high scale level to it? Is it tinged with a red color? Do you experience pressure changes? If you have a well, then your water issues could be caused by the quality of water within your table. Shallow water tables tend to have the most problems with iron content and dissolved minerals. There can also be iron bacteria in the water if the issues described in this key point are being seen.

A multi-stage filtration system can improve the quality of your water and potentially save you from needing to access a new well. Households with this issue may also benefit from a reverse osmosis system.

#4. You Have a Disinfectant Issue

Does your water smell like a swimming pool? Does the smell make you fondly remember a stroll in Yellowstone National Park? Does this issue continue on even if you leave the tap running for a few minutes? These odors are commonly associated with the disinfectants that are used to purify water systems. The best water filters can remove the remaining disinfectants and contaminants that may be in the supply so you’re left with fresh, good-tasting water.

Many common water issues can be improved or eliminated with the installation of a proper water filter. Poor water isn’t something that you need to settle for anymore. With so many affordable filtration options, you can install a whole home water filtration system that will give you years of benefits without breaking the bank.

That way you don’t need to worry about identifying poor water quality from the tap.

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